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The change of writing materials in Chinese culture is a long process which is not only influenced by culture, religion and economy, but, also, by many other factors.

Evolution of Calligraphy Tools and Materials

Is Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) science?

With thorough research, we have discovered numerous experiments that reinforce the idea that TCM is science.


Traditional Chinese Medicine

An outdated idea or a fully functioning force of nature?


A field study looking into different opinions towards fengshui.


Why are Chinese female writers not as common throughout history as their male counterparts?

Because they are constrained by social expectations based off the era they live(d) in.

Chinese Female Writers

What are the differences in Northern and Southern Cuisine, and why are they there?

Northern and Southern Chinese Cuisines

Chinese Language and Culture Videos

Cultural Essays & Presentation Slides

​史迪娜 Deanna Schmidt




​沈天星 Bailey Schroeder





​诸恩䁐 Je Eun Young


那么这样的北漂族在北京怎么生活呢?他们一般很少有固定 的住所,搬来搬去的,给人漂乎不定的感觉。自身也因诸多原因而不能对 于北京有更多的认同感。


​高智华 Christopher Castillo





Authentic Chinese Ways of Greeting


            in China


Chinese Education Vs. American Education

Family Structure in China


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