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Teaching is Facilitating.

Teaching Philosophy

Throughout my experiences as a teacher, I have tried to employ diverse approaches to language teaching. Many of them seem to work well in some situations but are less satisfactory in others. My experience indicates that a single teaching approach valid for all situations at all times, simply does not exist. Instead, we can only talk about the validity of teaching approaches as they apply to serving certain purposes. Two variables constitute major factors with regards to the purpose of teaching: teaching content and student characteristics. The teaching approach I select is always consistent with what and to whom I am teaching.

  • Integration of Chinese Culture and Characters

  • Authentic Materials in Explicit and Implict Instructions

  • The Facilitative Role of Technology

  • Assessment for the Right Purpose

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Liulin Zhang 张榴琳 photo by Erick Tsukiyama

                    Photo by Erick Tsukiyama

Courses Taught

Introduction to Chinese Culture

This course is an introduction to Chinese culture highlighting the defining characteristics of Chinese civilization in a global context. Theory and practice are integrated in this course. The theoretical introduction is organized into six topics built upon each other: (i) geography and economy, (ii) history of the empire, (iii) philosophy and ideology, (iv) norms, customs and daily life, (v) language, literature and arts, and (vi) modernization.

[Syllabus] [Student Learning Outcome: Sample Poster]

[Sample Handout: Unit V Language, Literature and Arts]

100 Level Chinese: Elementary Mandarin

200 Level Chinese: Intermediate Mandarin

300 Level and Above, Classical Chinese (Teaching Assistant)

Online Classes

  • CHN 331 Chinese Videologue: Listening and Writing,
               Fall 2013 [
               Nominated online teaching award at UH Manoa

  • CHN 442 Fourth Year Reading and Writing: Advanced Topics II,
               Spring 2014 [
               Nominated online teaching award at UH Manoa

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Honors & Awards

  • The 2019 Educator of the Year Finalist Award, Truman State University

  • Nominee for the 2016-17 “Frances Davis Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching for Graduate Assistants”

  • Online Teaching Award Nominee of University of Hawai'i at Mānoa, Spring 2014, CHN442: Fourth Year Reading & Advanced Topics.

  • Online Teaching Award Nominee of University of Hawai'i at Mānoa, Fall 2013, CHN331: Advanced Chinese.

  • Outstanding Contribution to the University of Pittsburgh Confucius Institute Curriculum Development Project, 2012-13.

  • Award of Excellence for outstanding service, teaching, and commitment to the University of Pittsburgh’s Confucius Institute, 2012-2013.

Evaluations & Reflections

Descriptive Statistics of Student Evaluations

Truman State University
University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa
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